Crosstalk Small Office PBX


The Crosstalk Small Office PBX is a turnkey FreePBX-based phone system designed to meet the needs of the typical small office environment.

The Crosstalk Small Office PBX Includes:

  • (1) PBXact UC 25 small form factor server w/3 year extended warranty & Bronze level POMP
  • (9) Sangoma S406 standard user phones
  • (1) Sangoma S705 receptionist phone

All hardware has been extensively tested and proven to be 100% compatible with PBXact & FreePBX. Expansion options are available for PRI, POTS or analog phone connectivity (see pricing options below).

Also Included in the Price:

  • Best Practice Design Session - we work with you to design the PBX, go over best practice options, and answer any questions you may have about the new system.
  • 30 Days of Support - after deployment of the system, you have unlimited support from Crosstalk Solutions for 30 days. We know that switching phone systems can be a big project, so we are here to help you through the entire process.
  • User Guides and Training Material - we provide you with some videos and documentation designed to help train your users on the basic functionality of the PBX and phones.
  • Administrative Training Session - after deployment, we will train key personnel on the configuration and administration of the PBX.
  • Phone Number Porting Assistance - we will walk you through the process of moving your phone numbers from one carrier to another (if applicable).
  • Shipping Included

Sangoma PBXact UC 25

The PBXact UC 25 is a stable and reliable PBX platform and comes with a 3 year extended warranty and Sangoma's Bronze level POMP. It features a quad-core Celeron CPU @ 2.0GHz, 4GB of RAM, and a small footprint form factor. It also includes a 120GB SSD hard drive - this system has no moving parts, making it super quiet and super reliable as a long term PBX solution.

Sangoma S705 – Receptionist

The Sangoma S705 console phone features 10 buttons for efficient call handling and flexibility. This phone can be further expanded by adding on an EXP100 sidecar if needed (see options below). A Gigabit pass-through port ensures that any attached computer will maintain high network speeds.

Sangoma S406 – Users

The Sangoma S406 is an excellent and cost-effective choice for a standard user phone. 6 configurable button capacity and 100% compatible with FreePBX, the S406 also includes a Gigabit pass-through port to ensure that your desktop computer maintains the highest available network speeds.

Crosstalk Small Office PBX – $4,299.00 USD

Hardware and Software Included

  • Sangoma PBXact UC 25 (capable of up to 15 concurrent calls)
  • 3 Year Extended Warranty (total warranty period is 4 years)
  • Bronze level POMP
  • (1) Sangoma S705 Receptionist/Console phone
  • (9) Sangoma S406 User phones
  • Software Modules included: Call Recording Reports, Class of Service, Conference Pro, CRM Link, Extension Routing, Fax Pro, Park Pro, Page Pro, SysAdmin Pro, Voicemail Notify, Voicemail Reports, XMPP Pro, and Phone Apps & Endpoint Manager (Sangoma phones)
  • Zulu UC Unified Communications Platform

Services Included

  • Best Practice Design Consultation
  • Expertly Built, Configured, and Tested
  • 30 Days of Post-deployment Support
  • Phone Number Porting Assistance
  • Administrative Training Session
  • User Documentation for Phones and Features

FreePBX Features

  • Flexible Time Based Call Routing
  • Built in Conference Bridges
  • Ring Groups / Queues
  • Music on Hold
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Call Transfer/3 Way Calling
  • Paging / Intercom
  • Follow Me / Find Me
  • Detailed Call Records
  • Many More Features Included!

The Benefits Of Crosstalk

Best Practice Design and Implementation

Crosstalk Solutions has been designing and building phone systems for close to 20 years. For businesses ranging from SMB to large call centers, we will work with you to design the most effective and efficient phone system configuration possible. This is integral to the successful deployment of the PBX, and our goal is to ensure you are making the best use of the system – not simply using it to send and receive phone calls.

30 Days Support

Stepping into a new phone system is always an adjustment for business operations. Crosstalk Solutions includes 30 days of support to ensure that any changes, tweaks, and fixes necessary are covered as you transition to the new system.

Training and Documentation

This Crosstalk PBX offering includes administrative training for key personnel in order to pass along the base knowledge necessary for administering the system. We also include a combination of written and video tutorials that you can pass out to your users in order to make the transition to the new PBX as seamless as possible!

Number Porting Assistance

Porting phone numbers to a new carrier can be scary! We include assistance with number porting as part of this package. We will oversee the number porting process, and make sure that all paperwork is submitted correctly and any issues are addressed immediately so that you don’t lose calls.

Get Your Own Ballpark Price – Customize Your Crosstalk Small Office PBX Below!

This PBX is designed for a typical small office, however we understand that when it comes to phone systems, one size definitely does not fit all! This phone system package is completely configurable. Please use the options below to add or subtract from the base package price of $4,299.00.

  • $10.00/phone – Add power adapter (phones are PoE only by default)
  • $24.00 - UPGRADE S406 phones to S505 phones (price is per phone upgraded)
  • $235.00 – Add or remove Sangoma S705 Receptionist Phones
  • $165.00 – Add Sangoma S505 Phones
  • $165.00 – Add a Sangoma EXP100 sidecar expansion module for S505 or S705 phones. (Adds 40 programmable buttons to the phone – up to 6 sidecars per phone).
  • $129.00 – Add or remove Sangoma S406 Phones
  • $105.00 – Add Sangoma S305 Utility phones – great for break rooms and misc. locations!
PSTN Connectivity

***NOTE: The PBXact UC 25 does not include any PCI slots for PSTN cards - if you need PSTN connectivity, you must purchase a Sangoma Vega Gateway or the server must be upgraded to the Phone System 60 (see pricing below).

Vega Gateway add-ons:

  • $565 - Add a Vega 60G 4FXO w/3 year extended warranty
  • $826 - Add a Vega 60G 4FXO/4FXS w/3 year extended warranty
  • $1425 - Add a Vega 100G single port PRI gateway w/3 year extended warranty

PSTN Card add-ons (if upgrading to the FreePBX Phone System 60):

  • $560.00 – Add a 4 port FXO card for POTS lines
  • $550.00 – Add a 4 port FXS card for analog phones
  • $875.00 – Add a single port PRI card
Server Options

Upgrade to the Phone System 60 – Add  $160.00 – Change the PBXact UC 25 to the FreePBX Phone System 60, a 1U rack-mountable server capable of handling up to 60 extensions and 30 concurrent calls.  Note that the FreePBX Phone System 60 does not include the commercial modules listed above other than SysAdmin Pro, and Phone Apps/Endpoint Manager if you are using Sangoma phones.

Need more power?  The Crosstalk Medium Office PBX features greater performance plus redundant hard drive and power supply options.

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