UniFi Controller Installation on Vultr

Vultr is a great hosting platform that is very similar to Digital Ocean.  I have heard a lot of really good reviews from folks who use Vultr for their production systems, so I set out to create a full set of instructions for the installation of a Vultr-hosted UniFi Controller running on Ubuntu 16.04. The first thing to do is …

Let’s Encrypt UniFi

How To Install a Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on UniFi Let’s Encrypt allows you to have a FREE signed SSL certificate on your UniFi Controller without having to spend any money.  When done correctly, the Let’s Encrypt certificate will continuously renew, and you will no longer have any security warnings in the browser bugging you about insecure HTTPS. This article …

Secure UniFi Controller

Ubiquiti’s UniFi Controller is an excellent way to deploy and manage home and SMB networks.  If you have multiple networks (sites) to manage, having your UniFi controller hosted in the cloud is recommended for easy centralized control of your UniFi devices.  Having UniFi in the cloud however poses some security risks and challenges that should be addressed as soon as …

UniFi Video User Guide

UniFi Video User Guide

To log into UniFi Video, you will need the IP address (example: or Fully Qualified Domain Name (aka FQDN, example:  cameras.companyname.com).   Open up Google Chrome and enter in the following: https://[IP or FQDN]:7443 For example, if your IP address is, you would use: If your FQDN is cameras.companyname.com, you would use: https://cameras.companyname.com:7443 ***NOTE:  The IP address …

15 Minute Hosted UniFi Controller Setup

UniFi is a spectacular networking platform – typically, the controller is on the LAN, but it can really be hosted anywhere. This guide will show you how to set up a Digital Ocean hosted UniFi Controller in about 15 minutes. 1.  Create Digital Ocean Droplet Digital Ocean is a super easy virtual server platform.  They make it extremely easy to …

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How to Create a Wireless Bridge

In this video, I unbox and configure a wireless bridge using a pair of Ubiquiti Nanostation loco M2’s.  These are great little devices for extending a network wireless-ly over long distances.

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Ubiquiti AP adoption

In this video, I discuss how to perform Ubiquiti AP adoption to an Amazon EC2-based Unifi Controller.