HowTo: Stream Music on Hold in FreePBX

The Music on Hold that comes with FreePBX isn’t spectacular.  If you would like to instead stream music on hold in FreePBX, this is very simple and easy to set up! Find your Streaming Source First, go to a website such as and find a stream that you like.  In Shoutcast, you need to click the ‘download’ link to …

HOW TO: Install Webmin on FreePBX

Webmin is a super useful tool for administering Linux, however due to security concerns, it doesn’t come installed on FreePBX by default. While Webmin is considered to be a security risk, it really is only a risk if it is open to the outside world. So, if your FreePBX is behind a firewall, and you aren’t port forwarding TCP 10,000, …

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How to Create a Wireless Bridge

In this video, I unbox and configure a wireless bridge using a pair of Ubiquiti Nanostation loco M2’s.  These are great little devices for extending a network wireless-ly over long distances.

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Ubiquiti AP adoption

In this video, I discuss how to perform Ubiquiti AP adoption to an Amazon EC2-based Unifi Controller.

Beware of Shady VoIP News

Believe it or not, information found on the Internet is not always factual. Big surprise right? This is no different when it comes to researching technology for your business. There are folks out there writing articles that, on the surface, appear to be very helpful – but beware. They are trying to get your information and sell it. More on …

Think Twice Before Switching to Hosted VoIP

I read an article called ‘Why Hosted VoIP Makes Sense for SMBs,’ and while I do believe hosted VoIP is a viable solution eventually, there are some major barriers to overcome before I would say that it makes sense.  I get asked about hosted VoIP pretty often, and I tell people that I can’t in good conscience recommend it if …